The year 2016 witnessed several historic moments through out the world.But when we talk about India the launch of Jio is on the top of the list.Jio causes the revolutionary increase in the number mobile internet users.This is all due to the cheap data cost and an excellent network connectivity.

Jio Phone and Jio TV Cable is the Continuation of the last year tradition. This year on 22nd July 2017 when Reliance Chairmen  Mr.Mukesh Ambani comes on the Podium everyone was expecting some thing more revolutionary in the series of JIO and from here  Mr Mukesh Ambani Announced Jio Phone and Jio TV Cable along with Jio recharge option

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Here in this guide,  You will get all about Jio Tv cables in details….

Jio TV Cables

On 22nd July 2017 during the Reliance AGM of Jio Mr.Mukesh Ambani announced Jio TV Cable along with Jio Phone and different data plans.After the grand success of Jio in last year this time the Reliance Jio has added more value to its existing user and for the new user also.Jio tv cable

As the name, Jio Tv cables itself explained that it is something related to TV cables.The JioPhone tv cable allows you to watch your favourite TV shows live on your TV screen without any DTH and high-speed internet.

I know a lot of questions are arising in your mind regarding the Jio TV Cables but I am sure as you read the last line of this post you will get the answers to all your queries…

What is JioPhone TV Cable ??

As mentioned above JioPhone TV cable(Jio TV cable and Jiophone tv cable both are same) allows you to watch the live TV shows on your television set.In the RIL 40th, AGM Mr Ambani introduces the JioPhone TV Cable to the users of Jio.

The main motto behind the Jio TV cable is ..

Most of the JioPhone user like to watch live tv, Movies etc on their handset, Especially in remote locations where Tv Cable or DTH are not easily available taking this in mind Jio has launch Jio TV cable or Jiophone TV cable.The Jio TV cable enables its user to watch live TV, Movies or other videos on the bigger screen of their television set instead of watching on the small screen on JioPhone handset.

Requirements of Jio TV cable

There is no any special requirement for Jio TV cable.The only three things which required for the Functioning of Jio TV cable are as follows-

1 JioPhone

2 JioPhone TV cable

3 A television set

Note: All type of Television sets are suitable for JioTV cable.The user can connect their Jio TV Cable to old CRT TV set, LCD, LED and the Smart TV also.

jio tv cable

Jio Phone TV Cable Registration and Booking


As we all know that the huge number of users will opt to buy the  Jio phone because of its features and to connect JioTv Cable. To avoid this chaos if you want to buy a JioPhone and Jio  TV cable the first thing you need to do is Registration for Jio Tv cable or Pre booking Jio TV cable.The online pre-booking facility will be available from 24th August 2017. For more details on Jio TV Cable booking Check here  [Pre-Booking Online] Jio Phone Price & Specification

Buy Jio TV Cable

Here are all details regarding how to Buy Jio Phone TV cable for use.Before going For Buying Jio TV cable you should by JioPhone.By following the below-mentioned step you can easily buy a Jio Tv Cable.

  1. Visit the official website Jio
  2. Look for the page Jio TV cable
  3. Click on the Jio TV cable
  4. Add Jio TV cable to the Cart or Click on Buy Now tab
  5. if you are a new user before proceeding for payment you need to Log in or Sign up for a new account.
  6. Fill the all required field with correct information.
  7. Now, this is the time to pay the amount. You can pay by internet banking, by debit or credit card, by Jio money or any other authorised mode.
  8. Once you paid the amount you will get a confirmation email and message on your registered mobile number and email id along with a tracking code.
  9. With the help of tracking code, you can check the movement of your product is.JioTv Cable.


How to Connect Jio TV cable to CRT Television Set


The best thing about the Jio Tv cable is its compatibility with all types of television sets.Now we know that the same JioPhone TV cable can work with the same efficiency with all types of Television sets.

Here I will guide you How to connect Jio TV cable in CRT TV sets.

It is very simple to connect your JioPhone with you CRT Tv set through Jio Tv cable so that you enjoy your live tv, movies and video on your TV screen.

The first thing you need to do is find the Audio Video Port in your TV set which is mostly available at the back of the TV sets and in some tv, it is available on the either sides.

Once you get the port in TV insert the Jio Tv cable  one end into its and the another end of the cable in your Jiophone

Note: To find the correct Jio TV cable end to insert into the TV port See carefully at the either end of Jio TV cable


How to Connect Jio TV cable to LCD/LED Television set


As I had discussed above how to connect Jio TV cable to CRT TV set in the same way we can connect the Jio phone TV cable to LCD or LED Tv sets.

  • First You need to find the HDMI Port in your TV Sets.
  • Connect one end of the Jio TV Cable to your smartphone in USB Type B port.
  • Then connect the next end of the cable to the HDMI Port of your TV.
  • And it is done. Now you are ready to enjoy your videos on the bigger screen.

Jio Phone Recharge Plans and Offers [[Updated]]

How to use Jiophone Tv cable 


It is very simple to use JioPhone Tv cable.Once you connect your Jiophone TV cable and your TV set through the hardware ie JioPhone TV cable.

Now open your myJio App in your JioPhone

All the content on your Jiophone screen will appear on the television screen

with the help of the key on your Jiophone you can choose and play the desired programme. In a simple way what ever you will play on your jioPhone will be Play on the TV screen and thus you watch live Tv or movies on your TV screen without any DTH.


JioPhone Tv Cable price


The exact price of JioPhone TV cable is not yet disclosed.But as per the source from the inside of Jio the Price of Jio Tv cable will be very less.As there is no any official announcement about the Jio TV cable Price we can’t say any thing on it.We will update here the JioPhone Tv cable price just after official announcement for the same.


Jio Tv cable Recharge Plan


There is no special recharge plan for Jio Tv cable. To use Jiotv cable recharge your Jiophone with rs 309 Plan, follow the below mentioned steps to recharge your jiophone Tv cable.

  • visit the official page for recharge
  • enter your Jiophone mobile number
  • select 309 plan
  • click on pay tab
  • Select any available mode of payment once
  • e you paid the amount.It is done

By using JioPhone Tv cable you can watch TV free 4 to 5 hours regularly with the help of Jiophone Tv cables as 512 MB 4G data limit is not sufficient to watch for the whole day.But if you only watch TV for 2-4 hours daily then it will be definitely best suited for you and you can save your  DTH or cable bills.


This is all about the Jiophone TV cable .in this post I have tried to cover each and every topic regarding the Jio TV cable and hope you get the answer to all your queries related to Jio Tv cable as I had mentioned above.Even though if you have any doubt or queries about  Jiophone, Jio tv cable, Jio Tv cable Plan, Jio phone booking and so on feel free to ask your queries in the comment box given below.Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues. Stay tuned with us For latest update,

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