www.jiophone.com: The June 01, 2016 and July 21, 2017, may be a black day for other telecom operators and the reason behind this is, telecom industry totally changed. Back in 2016, Reliance Industries Limited came with a new name in the telecom industry i.e. Jio.

When we talk about Jio, the only image made in our mind is FREE…FREE…FREE…

Yes! Jio SIM was serving until March 2017 for free and every Indian was getting Unlimited Fast 4G DATA, Unlimited Voice Call and Unlimited SMS for FREE.

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On the 40th Anual General Meet (AGM), the Reliance president came with about big announcement which could replace the Chinese Market from the root and every Indian will become smart.

Yes! I am talking about Jio Phone

According to Mr. Ambani, the Jio Phone is a completely featured phone which helps India to become smart and digital. When we talk about the price of Jio 4G VoLTE enabled smart phone then it’s unbelievable. Yes…! Jio Phone is also FREE like Jio SIM but there is a twist; yes you need to deposit ₹1500 as a security money which is totally refundable after three years.

 Jio Phone VoLTE (Touchpad) Price for three years is ₹7188

Well, everyone talking about Jio Phone Rs 1500 but no one paying attention to GST on Jio Phone Booking Online. Yes! You need to pay some extra amount at the time of booking jio phone online, even jio phone registration has been started here.

The Jio phone price is way more than Rs 1500; can’t believe?

Let’s do a calculation…

The Jio 4G Mobile Phone base price is ₹1500 but GST on phones are also 12%… It means,

1500 x 0.12= 180

So, you need to pay Rs 180 extra as GST on Jio Phone and the final price of Jio Phone will be hiked by Rs 180, it means you need to pay Rs. 1680 at the time of Reliance Jio Phone Booking at www.jiophone.com.

This amount will be refunded after three years, and you need to pay Rs 153 (cheapest Jio Phone Plan) for three years. Means, you are paying ₹153/month for 36 months, let’s see the final calculation-

₹153 x 36 months= Rs. 5008

Now the final price of Jio Phone is becoming Rs. 1680+5008= Rs. 7188…(3 years) A normal smartphone costing this amount nowadays.

Once you want to get your amount back, you need to visit Jio Phone Service Centre after three years and you’ll get your ₹1500 back.

It means, your total cost on Jio Phone became Rs. 7188-1500= Rs. 5688…. (For unlimited 3 years calling, data, SMS and one 4G VoLTE smartphone).


So, are you still believe that Jio Phone is available for Rs.1500? YES!… All these calculations are based on 3 years but you need to pay more than ₹20,000 if you go with other smartphone and telecom operators. So, are you ready to buy Jio Phone Online?… Please read this guide for confirm booking trick on Jio 4G VoLTE Phone on 24th August 2017.

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